Monday, June 30, 2008

A Rip, Rap, Rippity Roo

  • One more reason (the others slip my mind right now) to dance in public: check it out here.
  • Pricey real estate: $3,000/square foot
  • Michael Hussein Ford....too bad I'm not on Facebook.
  • A recent discovery: Jamie's nostrils respond (by flaring) to stimuli; mine do not.
  • Not a bad idea, if you find yourself dissatisfied with life...I'd have to explore the tax consequences, though.
I was watching Last Comic Standing last Thursday night and found myself engrossed with laughter because of Drennon Davis's comedy bit. Now, Drennon is a quirky guy...some might call him a pervert. But his routine in Las Vegas on rap music had me hooting. Check it out here (if you want to go straight to the rap bit, fast forward on the video to 5:43).

Rap music has never been my cup of tea. Without getting hung up on the content of the lyrics that is typical of contemporary rap, I will cheerfully admit that rapping (the art of performing rap music) is a talent (trust me, I'm thankful my wife can't speak that fast). I've always found rap music a bit primal. Not exactly the evolved, intricate, and progressive arias I passionately sing in the shower every this one.

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Jason said...

Dude, Drennon Davis was horrible in Las Vegas. He should have just stuck with his Children Songs Routine and he would have been awesome. Jeff Dye is the man to cheer for, that guy is hilarious. "Who put that in the Muffin House?" Seriously, Drennon=Suckage and Jeff=Awesomness.