Thursday, June 12, 2008

Opportunity for Entrepreneurs

As gas prices soar, Republicans and Democrats continue to spar over who is to blame for the rise in price. Few folks though understand the real reasons for the increased cost of petroleum fuel. With no relief in sight, the Ford Retort publicly encourage entrepreneurs to pursue the following idea as a possibility for an alternative energy source.

The concept of Personal Methane Reclamation (PMR) technology has existed in the global scientific community for several decades. Super-duper secret scientists working at the National Academies of Sciences during the Reagan administration first explored and tested the idea.

Simply put, the PMR technology consists of reclaiming and harnessing human methane expulsions for energy, presumably which could power a vehicle.

As an example: yesterday evening around 9:30 pm, I experienced an intense chocolate compulsion (this is a congenital syndrome for me). I made Jamie drive me up to the local gas station, and I proceeded to purchase a chocolate milk, an ice cream sandwich, and a Nestle Crunch. After returning home and concurrently consuming each item, my stomach was in knots. And there were consequences. But if I could have efficiently harnessed the "pre-consequences" (methane expulsions), Jamie and I could have powered our house for the next month.

Admittedly, the mechanisms to capture the methane expulsions are somewhat dubious at this time, but I know that a bright, young, entrepreneurial mind could easily overcome this conundrum. Also be aware that this technology will likely increase the price of hot pockets and food at Mexican restaurants.

I often joke about that we could fuel a large cruise ship if we could harness Person X's hot air, or we could power a Boeing 747 if we could harness the energy generated between a fat woman's thighs. But in these times of increased energy prices, all options need to be placed on the table for serious consideration.

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