Friday, June 20, 2008

Northside Firestone

When it comes to a vehicle repair, even a minor one, most folks would rather run screaming into oncoming, rush hour traffic than deal with a repair shop. Auto repair shops have earned the stereotype of being unscrupulous entities, and as with most stereotypes, there is some amount of truth in this.

The Ford Retort is taking this opportunity to speak highly of a local auto repair shop. My experiences with the Northside Firestone in Clinton have always been positive. The folks there have always been fair with me and have given me advice and direction, sometimes at the expense of cutting out business for themselves.

I know there are other reputable auto shops in the Metro Jackson area; I would love to hear about them!

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andrew said...

There is a mobile car wash that goes around and for $17 with tip (may be a little higher next time due to the rapid increase in gas), they will wash, vacuum, and armor all the inside and tires. Not a bad deal and they do a pretty good job. I will have to get their exact name...