Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I Met the Mailman

Jamie and I had some fun this past weekend. We had several friends over, grilled up some burgers, and did a little bowling (and squeezed in a wedding at this place...and reception at this place)! Unfortunately, I can't say we got much accomplished, in regards to "real life" responsibilities...

A new home means new neighbors. One of our neighbors was kind enough to invite us over the other evening. But Saturday morning, I had the delight of meeting our mailman, in a rather unorthodox manner.

I slept in on Saturday morning because I did not sleep well the previous night. I could likely attribute my sleeplessness to a couple of different factors, but the primary reason, IMHO, is directly related to the clock on Jamie's nightstand. Although Jamie denies it, the clock display is apparently designed to mimic the Arora Borealis. The bright light from the clock leads to the inadequate release of Melatonin in my body, thus leading to irregular sleep patterns for me.

All that to say, I slept in Saturday morning, even though Jamie left fairly early that morning to run some errands. When I awakened and arose, I opted for a shower (no news there). After I took off my clothes and turned on the hot water in the shower, I went to grab a towel...but there was none in the linen cabinet. No big deal...I'll grab one out of the guest bathroom.

Now let me give you a small geographical overview of our house. Leaving the master bedroom, you must traverse the living area before arriving to the guest bathroom. Our front door is actually a pair of doors, with large and spacious windows. Is this relevant? Yes. Why? Because I was naked when I set out to retrieve my towel (see previous paragraph).

I considered the possibility that someone (a lucky someone, might I add) could see me naked as I went after the towel, but with a split second decision, I opted to take my chances. After all, why would any person be at my front door on Saturday morning.

A book I ordered from Amazon.com arrived Saturday, and was too big to fit in my mailbox. Our mailman was kind enough to bring it to our front door.

All I can say is that what happened after this point is really speculation. I can't prove it, but I imagine the mailman thought, "Let me just give a friendly wave to that naked man, and I'll go about my business. He does, after all, have a cute butt." And true, I don't remember specifically thinking, "Hey, let me really thank the mailman for giving me a warm welcome to the neighborhood by completely turning around." Worst of all, I can't figure out why I chase him out to the street screaming, "It isn't what it looks like!"

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