Thursday, June 12, 2008

Barack: The Messiah

All hail, Barack Obama! The presumed Democratic nominee for POTUS is functioning quite well in is newly bestowed role (by the media) as...the Messiah.

Apparently the folks (or at least the search algorithms) over at Barnes and Noble are excited about the Democratic Messiah. Check this out (a tip of the fedora to the folks over at NewsBusters).

Hardball blowhard Chris Matthews either peed on himself or really is very excited about His Royal Highness. Check this out.

Even "big" stars such as J Lo bow to the majesty of Barack. See that here.

But King Barack smokes. And as the above videos indicate, his charisma wanes when he speaks extemporaneously. Of course, we do all know that smile that GWB exudes when he successfully completes a sentence...

This guy summed it up nicely: in this election, most voters are voting for or against Barack Obama. The Republican nominee, whether John McCain, John Lennon, John Kerry, or John the Baptist, is basically inconsequential. So carry on.

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