Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Weekend: Part 1

Last Friday night, my cousins Caleb and Collin spent the night with Jamie and me. Caleb (age 5) and Collin (age 3) left their baby sister Claire (age 10 months) for a night of fun with us. Without a doubt, Jamie and I have two different parenting styles: I'm laid back; Jamie is hands on.

The events of the weekend again reminded me that disciplining a cute child is a very difficult action for me to take. Jamie and the boys and I were feeding ducks at the lake, and Collin declared, "That duck's a booty" (may I inform you that "booty" is a four letter word for a three year old). Instead of exhorting Collin, I said, "Yeah, and I think he eats poo poo." Collin and I laughed heartily and slapped our knees, but Jamie glared at both of us and reminded us that our vocabulary was inappropriate.

At about 4 am, Collin came into our bedroom and informed me that he had to poo poo. I acted on Collin's declaration by rolling over and telling Jamie, "Jamie, Collin has to poo poo." Then I went back to sleep. A similar series of events occurred when Caleb told me he needed a glass of water.

  • Since the boys take baths at night, their hair is a bit wild in the morning. But without prompting, they smooth it down themselves. Impressive!
  • Without warning, Caleb launched a small boulder into the lake, soaking Jamie.
  • Caleb threw Collin's crocs in the pool. Consternation!
  • The evening contained only one bloody nose.
  • Caleb and Collin demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of the fact that Jamie and I are now married.
  • We had some bad weather at night, but the boys handled it without issue.

So after eating, feeding the ducks, fun at the pool, and LOTS of cartoons, we took Caleb and Collin back home. And Jamie and I were off to Port Gibson.

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