Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Notes & Asides

  • Still have some chicanery in the works...
  • I think my cousin Caleb preferred our apartment over the house (he asked why we left the hotel and moved to the house). Admittedly, the apartment did have a gate and a lake with ducks, which appealed to him.
  • Several "experts" have insisted the snake which made its home at our front door (until we beheaded it) was not a copperhead.
  • Jamie (against her will) and I have switched to GMAIL. Yeah, we should have done this a long time ago, but late is better than never. Jamie and I will take advantage of the shared calendars, so I can keep up with her nursing schedule and she can keep tabs on me. Also, I have installed the Blackberry GMAIL application. It was oh so painless!
  • Speaking of painless, my friend Andrew has issued an official denunciation of Windows Vista. And I'm certainly not excited by this.
  • This guy died (cue the whistling)
  • Am I the only person in the world who doesn't give a damn about the "Sex in the City" movie (I will not dignify it by providing a link)?
  • Dork alert! This fascinate me.


Rusty said...

I'm a dork too. Can we watch cold viruses form now? That would be cool. My lovely bride wants to go see S.I.T.C. and does not mind the thought of going by herself. I'm glad cause I could care less about it as well. Should we all boycott Windows and get Apples? Food for thought.

andrew said...

you are right...

Windows Vista and AMB blows...

I have also downloaded all of the Google applications for the Blackberry. Including GMAIL!!!