Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New House

Well, good morning! Jamie and I experienced a busy weekend. For those of you who don't know, we moved into a new house Friday and Saturday. My desire is to tell you that I will be posting more frequently, but we're still without internet access. Working on it with these slow folks.

For this rookie home-buyer, our purchase went quickly...maybe too quickly. Jamie and I signed the contract and closed on the house a week and a half later. We didn't use one of these, even though Gene Edwards (former WAPT anchor) has been doing commercials for these folks, urging us to do otherwise. The dust is settling and furnishings are finding their homes. I feel Jamie and I are on the brink of normalcy.

If you were around, you might have heard these statements:
  • "What MC baseball player did you get that from?"
  • "Uh huh...found a stud."
  • "Please don't electrocute yourself!"
  • "Let's go ahead and do it."
  • "Jamie/Michael...shut up!"
  • "Numb nuts!"
Sunday evening, Jamie and I took an evening stroll around the neighborhood. When we returned to our front door, we were surprised to find what we now believe to be a 6 foot copperhead snake. With some helps from the neighbors (a tip of the fedora to Gary and Julie), we successfully beheaded the snake. We unceremoniously dumped the body in the dumpster of the local Dollar General. Pictures coming soon (of the house and snake).


medow said...

please don't put any pictures of that snake on here

Rusty said...

Jamie tried to send a pic of the snake in a text message to my lovely wife. Thank Motorola that she didn't have enough memory on her phone to open it............