Monday, May 5, 2008

Let's Go, Bravos!

Whoa! I need to get serious about the ol' Ford Retort. So I thought while Jamie was acquiring a healthy dose of stupid from The Hills, I would get my blogging habits back on track (you may recall that I've banned The Hills in our household; fortunately for Jamie, we're house-sitting tonight). Let's get it on!

Jamie and I and some friends attended a Mississippi Braves game last Thursday evening. The experience can be summarized in two words: crazy fun! The short of it is that relationships were forged, fun was had, souls were saved, and lives were changed (cue Hammond organ).

Towards the end of the game, our group became fixated on an older, redneck couple (let's call them Bill and Hillary). Not because we have a fixation for those type folks, but rather because bad dancing between innings is hard to ignore. Bill and Hillary were an old-fashion lesson in loosening up and becoming uninhibited. Between Hillary's YMCA dance and Bill's bad umpire jokes, we could barely focus on the game.

As the crowd thinned, I moved to an empty seat closer to Bill and Hillary, covertly mocking them as entertainment for my friends. In the midst of my antics, the Braves pull out a victory...a very unexpected victory.

Along with Bill and Hillary, I became lost in the excitement. The energy was palpable, and the excitement was electric. Victory is indeed sweet! Before I knew it, I was engulfed in a wild flurry of fist-pumps and hip swivels, dancing to and fro. The JumboTron in Trustmak Park displayed a dude dancing, and I was really digging his moves. So I started following along. And let me tell you, me and this guy were connecting...making every move at the same time...we had synergy. And I'm a guy that doesn't have much rhythym. Then it hit me...

I was the guy dancing on the JumboTron.

I quickly glared down at my friends. Their faces conveyed a sense of horrid disbelief. After several seconds to process the scene, they erupted in laughter. I turned around and looked over my shoulder, and lo and behold, Bill and Hillary were laughing at me. Oh well...

Some statements you may have heard at the game:
  • "Why is everybody talkin' about walking? Is Haley Barbour here or something?"
  • "Cat fight!" (that was me, by the way...)
  • "Tirsty Thursdays!" (no, I did not misspell "thirsty")
  • "Julie, you're yelling!"
  • "How many points do we have again?"
  • "Hey...go Braves!"
  • "You do not even know me."
  • "Strike three...comin' up!"
  • "After tomorrow, I'm going to own Miskelly's."
Notes and asides:
  • I've decided to start shaving everyday. Before the genesis of this week, I shaved on Sundays and Wednesdays.
  • Isn't this considered a stereotype?
  • Caleb and Collin stayed with us Friday night. I'll be chatting about that tomorrow.
  • Lately, I've been workin' for the weekend.
p.s. The above video is of the infamous Phillip Wellman meltdown. Also, here is an interesting video on the difficulties of being an umpire (for those that know me well, I'm not sympathetic..).

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