Friday, May 16, 2008

I've Been Hit

It's always been my belief that God has a great sense of humor. Here's one of many pieces of evidence for my belief: He created men and women with innate differences, but man and woman desire to marry one another, cohabitate together, and procreate together. And somewhere in between all that, these differences can lead to tension.

Yesterday evening, I was reclining on our couch and reading...minding my own business. Jamie was in the room...doing something I don't recall. While reading, a common housefly landed on the book I was holding in my lap. I noticed it, and unfortunately, so did Jamie (some quick background info: this fly entered our apartment Monday evening, and we've been vigorously trying to squash it ever sense).

Immediately, Jamie shouted out from across the room, "Don't move," as she reached for a nearby object. I immediately retorted, "Put that down. Let me get it." As usual, she completely ignored what I said and threw one of these magazines at the fly.

The fly escaped unscathed as the (very thick) magazine sailed over my body and firmly struck me in the mouth.

Have you ever been so furious you couldn't say anything?

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Rusty said...

Just face it Michael, we, as mere husbands, could never hope to do something as simple as killing a fly that has landed right under our noses. We must leave that up to the ladies, the Great White Huntresses, our wives. In the future, remember, the appropriate response to that situation is to quietly say " Look Honey! A fly!". Then shut your eyes REAL tight.
No thanks needed lil bro, just glad to help.