Monday, May 12, 2008


Monday, May 12, 2008

The quiet town of Ridgeland was rocked by a domestic dispute on Sunday evening. Initial details of the attack are not clear at this time

Witnesses, who would only speak to the Ford Retort on the condition of anonymity, relay a harrowing tale. Unprovoked, Jamie Ford attacked her husband, Michael E. Ford, using a knife coated with strawberry icing. Defending himself, Michael threw flour in Jamie's face. Jamie responded by plopping more strawberry icing on to Michael's head.

Allegedly, the dispute began when Jamie challenged Michael to acquire a piece of a strawberry cake she was preparing. Local authorities are characterizing the event as a "tragic calamity."

p.s. you may have known this.

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andrew said...

Sunday evening...there were ambulances and fire trucks and police cars at the Arbors at the Reservoir due to a crazy women...they must have came to the wrong Arbors, because Jaime lives at the other complex?