Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tunnel Vision

I derive abundant comfort in routines. Get up, do this, do that, go home, go to bed, and in that sequence. This regularity and predictability does have opportunity costs, but the greatest risk, IMHO, is tunnel vision.

Jamie today conveyed to me a humorous anecdote concerning tunnel vision. It reminded me of an embarrassing story I like to tell about myself.

During my high school days, when I drove to this place every morning, I knew I couldn't leave the house without the three following items: my keys, my wallet, and my cell phone.

During my drive one morning, I mentally ran through my list of necessities/things to do/etc., and my mind turned to making sure I had my three, key items. I felt my wallet in my back pocket. Check. I saw my cell phone in the cup holder. Check. Alright, now where are my keys? They weren't in my pocket. Hmmm. They weren't in the cup holder. They weren't on the floorboard, my passenger seat, or in any other visible area. So I start to freak out...as I'm driving down Northside Drive. Where could my keys be? Maybe I left them at the house. Are they in the vehicle but out of sight? Could I have dropped them somewhere and not realized it?

As I was about to make some phone calls to attempt to locate my keys, I made a prodigious observation: I drive; therefore, my keys reside in the ignition. Ever felt stupid?

Tunnel vision via routines can, faithful Ford Retort readers, eliminate the need for your synapses to fire!


andrew said...


I know what you mean. On morning on my way to class, I was talking on the cellphone before and tried to find it. I was getting so frustrated at the person on the other line because they were talking away and I couldn't find my phone!! I had no idea where I had placed it??

Rusty said...

I also like my "tunnel vision". However, my dear wife and fellow reader, cindyjo, is trying to break me of my routines. My morning routine is especially important since I am normally not fully awake until AFTER I've had 2.5 cups of coffee, food, and a shower. Until then I am on auto-pilot and can think only of those 3 very important things,