Thursday, April 10, 2008

This Morning

  • Have you ever shot someone the bird? Probably. Have you ever shot someone the bird, using a banana as the offending wand? Probably not. If you're the lady in the white Jeep Grand Cherokee who was aggressively driving behind me this morning, consider yourself fortunate that I was in a very good mood!
  • I heard about this story yesterday. The news anchor reported that a female employee had an adverse reaction to a white substance. That's ambiguous! The report insinuated that it was an anthrax-like substance. I figured she was just smoking it.
  • This is rich!

1 comment:

andrew said...

since my mother is a ford retort faithful, she says you should change you fruit of choice...first choking and now flipping people off. she also said you better be careful because the next person you shoot a banana at might show you their ding dong (or little debbie cake)!!!!!

and a little piece of history...the individual banana is commonly referred to as banana or "finger" (source: wikipedia) so its fine to use as the bird.