Friday, April 4, 2008

A Stormy Friday

  • Driving to work this morning, I passed my Dad on his way to work. I was overcome by a sense of something new and awry, for a reason I can't really verbalize...
  • If all goes well, The Office will be back soon.
  • I imagine many great people are at this man's memorial service, which is occurring today.
  • The aforementioned man signed his name WFB. Folks often inquire why I sign emails and such mEf. Well, just the novelty...and mf has other connotations.
  • Did you know that Mississippi has a Yalobusha County. I saw it on a license plate the other day.
  • I wonder what Jamie would say about this?
  • Somebody is going to have to explain the ins and outs of this situation for me.
  • I want to be the guy that turns these things on.
  • Here are some grammar myths from Grammar Girl (I know, I'm a dork).
  • Hopefully, I will soon be posting the honeymoon video to which I continually allude...

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