Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Shootin' the Breeze

I did some traveling yesterday for work, running around outside of the Clinton area. My trip led me past the home of a friend of my parents (let's call him Henry), and as I passed by his abode, Henry was outside, engaged in some light yard work.

Henry and I spent some time shootin' the breeze (the older I grow, the more I'm persuaded that one's ability to shoot said breeze is a key indicator future success). The lovely purple irises in Henry's yard caught my attention, but what captured my attention was Henry's dog hunting and trapping a rather large frog. The dog (let's call her Velma) was persistent in harassing this frog, but Velma was unable to conquer frog because of its urine secretions. Velma would bite the frog but spit it out a moment or two later, leaving the frog frothy mess.

The persistence of the frog to escape was an inspiration to me. Frogs instinctively persevere through hard times. Humans...not necessarily. The Bible instructs us to learn something from the ant. Why not learn something from a frog? Unfortunately, after escaping the insipid jaws of Velma, the frog came to an untimely demise because I ran over it as I was pulling out of Henry's driveway. Sorry, Mr. Frog.

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