Friday, April 18, 2008

Oversized Rubberband

Jamie and I (surprise, surprise) were out and about Wednesday evening, celebrating her birthday and what not. We opted for a casual evening...ate at this place...shopped at this place...spent outrageous and obscene amounts of American dollars at this place (you know, just the usual for us. I don't want to be accused of possessing any spontaneity).

I admit the weather was very pleasant. Great temperature...a clear evening...a light breeze. But it was no excuse for what I saw! Let me back up.

Jamie and I were strolling down the promenade, and we were approaching a giggly group of scantily-clad young ladies...I would say in the 16 to 18 age range. And sure enough as they got closer, my suspicions (my eyesight is poor) were confirmed: one of the young ladies (let's call her Winona) had forgotten to put on a bra/shirt/top/sack. In the interest of modesty, though, Winona had covered up the more provocative area of her chest with an apparatus that appeared to be an oversized rubberband. I'm serious...I'm very confident she was wearing an oversized rubberband as a top.

I did a bit of research, and best I can tell, rubberbands are not the newest trend in fashion. It's a good thing because the only way you are going to find me wearing rubberband attire is if Lucifer informs us that there are freakishly cold weather conditions at his homestead.
  • My friend John almost got arrested in Nashville this week. Oh my...Aime would have been hot!!!
  • Jamie went out with some friends last night. Apparently I was the dominant topic of conversation.
  • I must suppose that my mind was in the clouds this morning as I got off the Natchez Trace because I exited to I-20 West instead of I-20 East, sending me to Vicksburg, not Clinton. But thanks to the Bennie Thompson Interchange (Norrell Road exit), I was able to redirect my path quickly. My tax dollars at work!
  • I agree...we have a contingent of folks in our society who want to make green the new red, white and blue...check it out.

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