Wednesday, April 2, 2008

One Last Wedding Story

The wedding weekend for Jamie and me was a relatively smooth couple of days. No problems best we knew. But it's been funny to hear about all of the small problems that occurred during that fateful March weekend; of course, our wise family and friends dutifully kept Jamie and me in the dark about them as they happened. There was one, however, that we did know about.

Here's the story that must be told. Towards the end of the reception, Jamie and I were chatting with one of my groomsman, Landon. As we huddled in our holy trio and mingled, a very sweet lady (let's call her Endora) came to congratulate Jamie (she did a pick a good one, mind you). Endora spoke many kind words to Jamie and then said, "Michael, I wish both of you all the best. I know you and Jamie will be incredibly happy." The only problem was that Endora imparted those warm words while looking directly at Landon. Landon just smiled and nodded (he has a beautiful smile, you know). I simply took the opportunity to get some punch and cake...didn't want to interrupt any touching moments.

Now, I will admit, I could have gracefully intervened, but Landon looked so awkward and uncomfortable, and the good Lord knows I had done my fair share of that for the day, so I left ol' Lando to his own devices. And I'll let you in on a little secret: between you, me, and the internet, I thoroughly enjoyed watching Landon squirm. Hey...what are friends for?

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coollando said...

haha! i was so uncomfortable... but things got better when you went off to get cake and Endora had me and jamie reenact the kiss.