Thursday, April 24, 2008

No Surprises Here...

Anybody want to wager a guess as to what the top question I've been asked in the last month or so is? It's this or some variation of this: has living with Jamie/married life surprised you in any way?


Seriously, no surprises. Nothing I didn't expect. I think the whole dating for seven years had something to do with it. Could be wrong though. May have something to with my expertise on women...just thinking out loud.

If anything, marriage has amplified Jamie's quirks, which I already knew of. One stylistic difference that always leads to strong words is driving. My sweet bride is an aggressive driver, belligerent tailgater, and wild horn-honker. It drives me crazy!

Other points of disagreement include:
  • I think Larry Wayne "Chipper" Jones smirks when he's at bat. Jamie believes he's simply sucking on a sour piece of candy.
  • Contention arose between Jamie and me when we had a disagreement on a jacket she bought. She thought it was an acceptable article of clothing; it struck me as a nice roller derby uniform (if you're wondering, flowers and this song made up for that comment...Jamie countered with this song).
  • I'm going gray (as opposed to going green). Yep, my hair is turning gray. Jamie believes Just for Men will do the trick. I'm actually looking forward to the gray hair (not really).
  • Jamie uses simple words for passwords; I prefer cryptically complex passwords (my passwords involve astronomical anomalies and complex derivations of the Fibonacci sequence).

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Rusty said...

Just be thankful that it ain't falling out yet dear brother-in-law. Kids will do that to you...