Thursday, April 3, 2008

Lemonade from Lemmons

Kinetic Church, a self-described "portable church" in Charlotte, NC, had the unfortunate (you may shortly view at it as fortunate) experience of having its storage trailer stolen. The trailer contained 75% of the church's equipment. The response of the church is worth contemplating.

Exhibit 1: the above image (this is one of 5 billboards the church has up around Charlotte). Here are the others.
Exhibit 2: this video on YouTube.

The folks who read about this story will fall into one of two categories: 1) you are disgusted that a church would use the word "ballsy" 2) you admire this church for their creative response to adversity, using it to communicate it's mission.

Folks, never forget that God is a lot bigger than your local congregation.


Anonymous said...

I guess if 75% of my church's stuff had been stolen, I'd think I could find better use of our budgeted $$ than to buy space on 5 billboards

Dave Milam said...

Great blog! I did a google search on the stuff going down at our church and found you.

Anyway, just so you know StateDOG...the billboards were donated.