Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Honeymoon: Coming Back (And a Few Other Things)

Let's not beat around the bush: the trip back from Jamaica was undeniably atrocious. Flight cancellations. Superfluous customs/immigrations check-ins (we went through customs and immigrations two extra times...for these extra inspections, not only did we not leave the country, we didn't leave the airport...I will say, from the customs/immigration inspections, that it's obvious that Jamaica hasn't had anybody fly planes into buildings in their country). Sitting next to crying infants. Wailing and gnashing of teeth of biblical proportions. But we made it back home on the same day (many people on our original flight were not as fortunate).

So I'm going to let that be the summary of the flight home. If you want details, ask me in person, but be prepared for a red-faced tantrum.

At one moment during our time in Sangster International Airport, I was overwhelmed with angst and needed to get away. The airport bathroom seemed to be an appropriate sanctuary of respite, so I went into a stall and just sat on the throne. Peace and quiet for a couple of minutes. It was nice. Sitting there, I absorbed the writing on the stall walls...mostly consisting of obscenities and vulgarities. So I took a pen out of my wallet and scribbled on the stall wall. Seemed a reasonable action to take.

A few other notes about marriage:
  • Jamie tells me I snore. She wakes me up (usually with a kick to the gut), because my snoring wakes her up (allegedly). These episodes remind me of my days when I was rooming with John Philip at M.C. It was not an uncommon occurrence for me to awake to cacophonous clamor, thinking that a dump truck full of bad praise teams had wrecked in our dorm room. Nope...just John Philip snoring.
  • Establishing our routines is happening...slowly but surely. I can't decide if I want to wash clothes once a week (during the weekend) or twice a week (midweek and weekend). Jamie and I do have one positive habit established: we set aside an hour or so during the weekend to clean.

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