Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Hi!!s

Let's get some things straight:

The Hills is not reality TV. At best, it's "scripted reality," but I trust you recognize that "scripted reality" is paradoxical in this context.

Have you ever had an strong distaste for an individual? That's about as polite as I can be when I speak of this Spencer Pratt character. Mr. Pratt has never been accused of functioning as a paragon of maturity. He, along with folks like Paris Hilton, are famous because they are famous. If I was forced to choose between exclusively watching a show about the life of Spencer Pratt or the WNBA, I would most likely choose the latter. The others folks don't do much for me either.

Watching The Hills is similar to touching a wet bathroom door handle. At first, you're surprised, in a slightly perverted and grotesque fashion. But once you absorb what truly happened, you experience a deep sense of disgust. As of right now, I am banning The Hills in my household.

All right. Just wanted to say that.

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