Monday, April 21, 2008

Farm Livin' Is The Life for Me

During our engagement period, I suggested to Jamie that our post-wedding living arrangements consist of a large piece of land "out in the country" and a mobile home (we would live in the mobile home until we decided to build a house on that land). Even though I know Jamie like I know every inch of my glorious naked body, I wasn't prepared for her answer to my suggestion about our post-nuptial living: "Michael, if you make me live in a trailer, I will not marry you." Today, we are married, and we don't live in a mobile home.

Jamie and I attended a party this weekend in the metropolis of Pickens, MS. Saturday was a beautiful day in central Mississippi, and Jamie and I enjoyed the drive to the cabin where the party was held.

At one instance, Jamie spied a quaint country home and said, "Now wouldn't it be fun to live out here." I reminded her she would need to live out there at night as well...that means it would be dark. But the drive back for Jamie cleared the illusion that she'd care for country life. Let's review:
  • Jamie managed to hit three separate classifications of animals: a snake (it was sunbathing in the road), a dog (not a wild dingo - this was someone's domesticated pet), and a crow (it was probably munching on some road kill from another country driver). Snuffing out innocent life disheartened Jamie a bit.
  • I reviewed with Jamie the therapeutic effect of putting your hands in the dirt. She wanted to review the scientific study which proved said therapeutic effect. I also reminded her that the muted color scheme I prefer to adorn would be more acceptable in the context of country livin'. Jamie prefers for me to wear bright and happy colors (I can look like an Easter egg only so many days of the week).
  • At one point, we got a touch turned around. Our asphalt road quickly and without warning turned into a gravel road. Let me give you an idea of the experience of going from asphalt to gravel: landing a plane.
  • Jamie has always wanted to name our daughter Emma (we have no news to report, by the way). As a plus, this name would fit a country girl well.
  • Of course, as you might expect, I'm country in the same way that Olive Garden is Italian...not very. Jamie and I will hang with city life for the time-being.
Since we passed through Canton, Jamie and I ate at Two Rivers Restaurant on Saturday evening. Good eatin'!

Enjoy the beautiful Spring weather this week before temperatures become oppressively hot!


Jamie Ford said...

it's Ella and it's NOT COUNTRY!!!!

Rusty said...

Ella Jane then maybe?