Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Being an Adult

Oh my! Somebody forgot to tell me that when you get married, you have to start acting like an adult...you know, take care of your affairs, pay bills, etc.

Jamie and I stopped by our bank in order to change her name and update our account information. We also switched her cellular carrier (from Cellular South to AT&T) in order to add her to my wireless account. A part of the transfer/upgrade included new phones for both us as well as adding a data package. So it's official - I will now spend even more time pursuing fruitless tasks and ventures on the world wide web, via my Blackberry.

My blogging habits have become like Lilly's bowel movements (Lilly is the dog of a co-worker...she recently underwent an invasive procedure to remove a tampon she ate). Maybe I need an invasive procedure to "jar me lose." Is it sad and pathetic to blog about "in-house" issues such as my blogging habits? I'll check with Snerdley about that.

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