Friday, March 28, 2008

Honeymoon: There

After consulting with Official Blog Observer Joe Nathan Snerdley, I am writing this post (about our honeymoon) in bullet form. Just seems easier to me that way...
  • Rick and Barbara. They are an older couple that seemed to appear everywhere we appeared. Think George Costanza and a very uncute and tall Diane Keaton.
  • Ordering cheesecake at 3 am. This happened more than once.
  • Every night, Jamie and I shagged.
  • Jamie and I were at this resort. Beautiful place!
  • Random thought: a video of me from the honeymoon may appear on the Ford Retort.
  • Jamie and I had a couple's massage. A severe blow to my self esteem. But it was relaxing! If you do have a massage, I would highly recommend a stout Jamaican woman giving it to you.
  • While sitting out by the pool, I played sudoku. Jamie did not.
  • Jamie and I had coconut water several times. For those who are ignorant, coconut water is the liquid endosperm inside young coconuts. This stuff is very nutritious. Coconut water is isotonic (very crude explanation: electrolytes in your body don't have to adjust to new environment)....contains no very similar to human plasma. I didn't enjoy the taste.
  • Sunburn!
  • We ate and we ate and we ate.
  • Beautiful weather. The temperature hovered around 80 degrees. Occasional rain showers would blow up but end quickly.
  • Jamie took many pictures of flowers (better than me).
  • Our butler was Shelly. Sweet girl!
  • One Jamaican gentleman asked us if we had ever been to the Bahamas. We told him no. He said, "Good! They're real stuffy over there!" I found his assessment humorous.
  • Airport security was an irritation. Thankfully, we didn't have this problem. I agree with Gloria Allred when she said, "The last time that I checked the nipple was not a dangerous weapon." I'll tell you more about flight home next time.

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Jamie Baker Ford said...

you scared me with the "shagged" bullet...i never click on your links, but i DEFINITELY did on that one!!!