Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Honeymoon: Getting There

I've always enjoyed traveling; I've never really enjoyed the traveling part though.

Jamie and I awoke at 3 am ( I don't think we actually got out of the bed until 3:30 am) on Sunday morning so we could arrive at the Jackson International Airport by 4:30 am, for our 6:45 am flight. (On a side note, is it really necessary to announce to the world on the airport sign that this man is the mayor of Jackson)? Now I'm no national security expert, but arriving at the airport two hours early strikes me as a touch ridiculous, especially at the JIA so early in the morning. We waited on the airline employee to show up and give us our boarding passes and then waited on security to show up so we could go wait another hour at the gate. Did I mention the airport was virtually empty? Of course, I expected this superfluousness nonetheless.

We arrived in Dallas at DFW around 8 am, for our 10:45 am flight to Jamaica. But we didn't leave the airport until 1:30 pm. The airplane we were going to fly had cabin pressurization issues. I didn't protest the delay that need in my mind for exploding heads on account of impatience. And of course, the delay afforded us many opportunities to observe the oddballs around us. One young, shifty-eyed girl sitting next to us clearly had issues - she was drawing contorted dragons and the like on her pad. Our community of flying colleagues did not lack Jamaican hats...a little cheesy in my opinion. And yes, Rick and Barbara. We'll chat about them later. I also saw one man who had only one carry-on item - a roll of toilet paper.

Did I mention that we were flying American Airlines? You may have seen this story today. (As a preview, American Airlines had planes with other issues...and it so happened we were trying to leave Jamaica on one of those planes).

We did make it to Jamaica at about 5:00 pm. Customs was light (it's obvious nobody has ever flown airplanes into buildings there). Jamie and I opted for a private transfer from the Sangster International Airport as our resort was two hours away. When we arrived and got settled, we crashed!

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