Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Final Hoorah...But Only for a Week or So

Well, I believe this is my last post for a week or so. Everybody keeps saying something about a wedding. Some thoughts:

  • Several friends of mine are questioning the existence of Joe Nathan Snerdley, Official Blog Observer. Andrew suggested to me he doesn't exist. Folks, he is real and is alive and well. Snerdley will mind the blog in my absence.
  • Our family has been explaining our wedding/reception to my cousins Caleb (age 5) and Collin (age 3). We've certainly made our explanations very simple. We told the boys there is a party after the wedding ceremony, and the party will have cake and music and food. Caleb wanted to know if he could have ice cream with his cake....certainly seems like a reasonable request to me. But Collin is on to something. He wanted to know if there would be a space jump or animals at the party. How awesome would that be if we had a space jump at the reception.
  • Several folks have scolded me about the infrequency of my posts. Even Snerdley got a little sassy with me about it. All I can say is I know, I know. Trust me...things will improve.
  • Jamie and I have been taking leisurely walks along the Natchez Trace in Ridgeland. Superior stress relief!
  • This may be an adequate substitute for the space jump.
Faithful Ford Retort readers, the first three months of blogging have been a lot of fun. Crazy things have happened. People stop me on the street to ask for autographs and pictures and the like. But you know me...I don't do it for the fame. Behave yourself in my absence!

The next Ford Retort post will be written by a married man! We will continue our dialog soon.


cindy jo said...

Looking forward to the festivities of the weekend and continued dialog in the future!!!!

Jamie Baker Ford said...

personally, i like Collin's idea...i tried to do fun things, but you are wayyy too much of a party pooper! HAHA! LOVE YOU!!