Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Donating Blood

Yesterday morning, Mississippi Blood Services called me and asked me to donate blood on behalf of a pregnant mother. I told the curious lady I would do my best to do so that afternoon (in spite of the impending inclement weather). Before I ended my phone call with her, I asked again for whom I was giving blood. The amiable lady stuttered a second and admitted that my name simply appeared before her on some list. Comforting.

At 4:30 pm yesterday afternoon, an elderly gentlemen and I were the only two individuals donating blood. He finished before I did and the phlebotomist gave him the usual spill. But he wasn't listening.

"Sir, don't exercise for twelve hours. Keep the bandage on your arm for at least two hours. Eat a good meal tonight. Be aware that alcohol will affect you twice as fast as it normally does." With those last words, he blurted out, "Good! It's been a long day." I like the way that guy thinks.

In lieu of my previous story, I must inform you of this warning from the FDA concerning the consumption of alcohol:

The overconsumption of alcohol is major factor in dancing like a fool, getting slapped by a member of the opposite sex, and telling your friends that you're in love with them,

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