Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Weekend

As I was driving home from Jamie's apartment Sunday evening, the natural beauty of the Natchez Trace Parkway (particularly, the smell of noxious cow flatulence and sight of fresh deer carcass on the side of the road) placed me in a reflective and pensive mood. What did I learn this weekend?

On Saturday night, Jamie and I took my five-year-old cousin Caleb to Nagoya in Madison. Of course, we sat at the Hibachi, thinking that the tomfoolery and playful antics of the chef would be blissful entertainment for Caleb. I am pleased to report our experience was a resounding failure.

Firstly, Jamie got miffed at me when I told Caleb not to eat the dirty dish water soup (I'm rather sure that's not its real name, but that's what I call it). Jamie gets mad at me for discouraging him to try new things. Hey, if it's not good enough for me, it's certainly not good enough for Caleb. But Caleb expressed his approval with the soup (and I actually like it too).

From the moment we entered the restaurant, I could tell that Caleb was a bit anxious about his new experience (he definitely would have preferred to eat at his new favorite place, GattiTown). We ordered him the kid's shrimp and rice plate. But then out comes the chef. He starts banging his utensils. Caleb didn't like that. He covered his ears. And then our friendly chef ignites the fire to light the grill. Meltdown! As I was clapping for the chef, I noticed Jamie was attempting to placate a terrified Caleb. Jamie knows how to effectively stop a hissy fit, and she did so quickly.

I've never quite picked up the technique Jamie uses to squash a child's temper tantrum. But she really knows how to do it...and do it quickly. I've listened for a particular set of words she may say in a certain order. Or a specific facial expression. Nope...can't pick up on it. She may just have an uncanny ability to do this...kind of like Cesar Milan or Chris Angel. Whatever it is, I've got to learn it!

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