Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day Charade

Do you think you've had an odd Valentine's Day experience? Let me tell you about mine, from last year.

Jamie and I and our friend Brittany were grabbing a quick lunch at a local fast food restaurant. We were chatting, minding our own business, and keeping to ourselves at a table next to the children's play area (this seems to be the way all of my stories start out).

But through the hustle and bustle of the lunch crowd, I hear several male voices shout in unison, "Happy Valentine's Day, Michael!" I look up, and Jason, Andrew, and Daniel are running through the local fast food establishment to me with a rather large Valentine's Day basket (if you want to know some of the more amorous contents of the basket, you need to talk to me in private). The guys made absolutely no effort to be discrete. They even had a homemade card for me, which Jamie and Brittany read to me after we left (letting them read it to me before I had read it was a mistake!).

Now how does one handle an occasion such as this? Most of the other customers were glaring at us with bewildered looks on their faces. People in the drive through line were getting out of their cars to come observe the spectacle. And my friends were insisting that I go through the contents of the basket right then and there. So I handled it like you're supposed to handle a bank robber...I complied with their demands as quickly and quietly as possible so they would leave, and for the most part, they moved on quickly (I think they had to get back to class).

Now don't get me wrong...I really appreciate concrete acts of love and admiration shown towards me. If you desire to give me chocolate or gift cards to various retail stores or hard cash, go ahead! I'll take them and be very grateful! But DO NOT, under any circumstance, do it with loud fanfare in front of other people...especially if you are a male.

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