Monday, February 4, 2008

Umbrellas Grind My Gears

To the untrained eye, an umbrella may strike you as an innocuous self help tool. Need to stay dry? Go grab your umbrella. Eh eh eh. Oh you naive earthlings.

I know we've all had this experience. You are ready to leave your vehicle to go in to your destination. It's raining cats and dogs. You pull out your umbrella and put it up before you exit your vehicle. You are sheltered from the rain as you go inside. You do your business at your destination and then put up your umbrella to shelter yourself from the rain as you go back to your vehicle. But here is where things get ugly.

How do you get your umbrella back in your vehicle while remaining dry yourself? This conundrum really grinds my gears because it's virtually impossible. I mean, the umbrella enables you to finish 90% of the fight to stay dry, but when it comes time to bring your umbrella back in your vehicle, well, you just get wet doing so. What do I do? I just throw my umbrella away outside my vehicle when I sit down in the driver's seat (I have about ten miniature umbrellas I keep in my backseat).

I'm calling out the umbrella industry. Umbrella industry, it's time to's time to's time to chalk up some American fortitude and alter your product so that it can finish the job.

Umbrellas, stop grinding my gears!

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cindy jo said...

I feel your pain...