Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thursday Morning Potpourri

  • Andrew and I ran last night. What felt to be sub-zero temperatures about killed us. To keep us motivated, I sang this song to Andrew as we trotted on the track.
  • I was impressed with Jamie. She read my last post and told me about seeing this on the Today Show. I've got a feeling that the Ford Retort is Mississippi's leading vehicle for stimulating intellectual and cultural exchange.
  • In searching for the link to the above site, I ran across this article on the Today Show website. Now isn't that special!
  • Somebody is perpetrating a mean trick on me. Every night I'm at Jamie's apartment, we spend an hour or so cleaning and throwing stuff away. I don't understand where all the junk is coming from. Someone is moving in their junk, and when I find out who you are, retribution will be swift.
  • The weekend is almost here!
  • Next week, on the Ford Retort, I will be simultaneously revealing a deep, dark secret to Jamie and the world. Stay tuned!


Jamie Baker Ford said...

the junk is coming from YOU moving all of your stuff in!!! this place was so clean before you started unpacking YOUR junk!

Rusty said...

That's a likely story...tongue firmly in cheek...