Friday, February 22, 2008


Earlier this week, my friend Andrew and I decided to start (well, actually for me, reconvene) our running routine. The next morning after our first nightly run, I became acutely aware of how out of shape I am. It wasn't too many years ago that my heart could defeat a significant period of inactivity with relative ease. No more! Now, a significant period of inactivity bascially means starting from scratch.

You may know that I ran cross country when I was at Jackson Prep. It was a rewarding experience. Many of the benefits included a serious increase in my speed as well as the fact I stopped drinking soft drinks. Nonetheless, I was no stand-out runner. And if I was, MPSA athletics is only so competitive.

So if you find me moving a little slower, just know I'm sore...from running.

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Anonymous said...

remember the nightly run days at traceway?? ish.. those were killer...

i'll have you know i gave up soft drinks and fast food 2 and a half years ago, and pretty regularly (2-3) times a week go for a run.

i started this when my cholesterol was looking pretty bad... i'm healthy as an ox now. well kinda.

i say this to inspire you to keep running... and to give up soft drinks and really bad foods....(i think it may help when you get married... because at that point you can fill the void of soft drinks and bad food with wild sex)

i feel much better... and you should too...

my main goal is to live for 500 years.