Monday, February 18, 2008

Perry Noble (and Me) on Dating

Girls chase guys; ladies wait to be pursued by men.
-Perry Noble

One of my favorite bloggers is Perry Noble, the pastor of New Spring Community Church in Anderson, SC. Perry is an innovative leader; he isn't interested in doing church the way it has always been done. Oh no...if you are a passive church-goer, you and Perry will not get along. Perry's desire is simply this: to lift up the name of Jesus Christ. And he leads a community of believers that is very effective in doing so!

For people who are dating, young men and women, and older folks, and well, just everybody, take a look at this recent post of Perry's.

Our society has no idea what dating is supposed to be. We've totally screwed it up (no pun intended). In our society, dating is now a shallow social agreement between two people...I need somebody to do something with when my friends are busy, and hookup with when I need to impress people, so how about you and I get together, even though I have no intention of having any long term connection to you... Now ain't that fulfilling! Remember, ladies: why buy the cow when you are getting the milk for free.

Nothing is sadder to me than when I see a beautiful young lady, who is full of potential, throw herself away on a loser. And I've seen plenty of it in my short twenty-three years on this earth. The reasons are many: no dad in her life, a warped view of love/men/family, an intense but misplaced and unhealthy need for love and acceptance. So many times, the consequences of related mistakes cannot be reversed and are far reaching. Of Christ's words, this warning, in my humble opinion, is particularly pressing in regards to searching for a spouse i.e. dating.

Be wise in your dating life! Examine your motives, guard your heart, and be willing to make changes!

And no, smart ass, my dating life is not superior to yours because my fiance' is the only young lady I've ever dated (reality check: this is a rarity and I'm not sure it means much when you get down to it (and if you're wondering, our parents did not arrange our marriage when we both turned 15)).

I'll probably link to some good things Perry has to say about dating!

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Jamie Baker Ford said...

babes, i am glad i am the only person that you have one to hinder me from molding you juuuuust like i want you!!!
p.s. cant wait for you to be my husband in 25 days!