Thursday, February 28, 2008

John Murphy, DMD

A tip of the fedora to my friend John Murphy. He found out earlier this week that he was accepted in to the UMC School of Dentistry! Let me unequivocally declare that John is very deserving of this. I look forward to one day having clean teeth thanks to John. Let me clarify my previous thought: I currently have clean teeth. I look forward to the day when John is the dentist that gives me a clean bill of oral health.

John, his lovely wife Aime, and Jamie and I will be out on the town this very evening to celebrate! Who knows, we may see you around.

The summer between my sophomore and junior years at MC, I took general chemistry, in preparation for my impending organic chemistry class/battle. My lab partner (let's call him Chris Cobalt) from general planned to be in organic...and I liked we decided that we would be partners in organic. I walked into my first organic lab - no Chris. I assumed he would show up at some point before we got started, so I did not make a big effort to find another partner among the people I knew. But lab got started...with no Chris...and it was time to pick a partner before we got down to dealing with carbon in its many forms.

Now I can survey a room and make observations/conclusions about people rather quickly. So I surveyed. And I saw John. It was his first year at MC (and I did not know him), but he appeared to me to be a worthy partner. So I proposed to him that he accept me as his partner. He did accept, but I will not lie...the look on John's face certainly suggested that he was skeptical of me. To make a very long story short, we made it through lab, and MC biology together (some days, I feel like the only reason I made it through MC is because of John)!

Since I'm talking about dental school, I feel obligated mention Jamie's friend (and I would like to think my friend) Amanda Bridges. She will also be at UMC in the fall for dental school. Just like John, she is very deserving of the opportunity.

If you want to congratulate Amanda and John, you will have the opportunity because Jamie and I are privileged to have both of them in our wedding (word on the street is that it is happening soon). So feel free to do so (but preferably not during the ceremony).

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