Thursday, February 28, 2008

Joe Nathan Snerdley

Ladies and gentlemen, faithful Ford Retort readers, it brings me immense pleasure to make this announcement:

Because of the exponential growth and popularity of the Ford Retort, I will be adding a full-time staffer, effective March 1, for my online presence. The position I have created is Official Blog Observer, and it will be filled by Mr. Joe Nathan Snerdley.

I have known Mr. Snerdley for quite some time, and I am confident that his talents, abilities, and God-given gifts will greatly add to my commentary. Job responsibilities of the Official Blog Observer include observing the Ford Retort, critiquing my commentary, maintaining consistency in form, and proofreading. And as time goes on, I am sure the job description will transmogrify.

Faithful Ford Retort readers, if you see Mr. Snerdley around, let him know you are happy that he is now Official Blog Observer for the Ford Retort.

ps. Mr. Joe Nathan Snerdley is not related to Mr. Bo Snerdley, official program observer of the Rush Limbaugh show.

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