Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Well, I must say this post is a noted occasion! It's the first one that contains an image (a video actually).

What do I do when Jamie shops? Glad you asked.

I really don't mind shopping, per se. It's just this: when I go into a store, I can determine if I need to buy any of the products that store offers in approximately 2 minutes. And Jamie, well, it takes a bit longer. So I must find ways to entertain myself when we shop together because I, under no circumstances (including war, famine, spontaneous human combustion, and acts of God), am allowed to hurry Jamie along.

The defense now requests that it be allowed to present Exhibit One, the aforementioned image.

I recently entertained the notion of wearing hats. Hats have never adorned my head because I look goofy when wearing one (I have too much hair). But while Jamie and I were shopping in Belk one evening last week, I decided to try on a couple of different noggin tops, unbenounced to Jamie. When I rounded the men's section and came into the home area where Jamie was ... I mean ... I was expecting an animated reaction ... but by the look on her face, you would have thought I was: 1)naked 2)wearing a shirt that displayed a racial epithet 3)eating fecal matter 4)juggling live grenades 5)wearing a winter hat in public. Oops.

Yeah, I looked pretty ridiculous. But when I showed Jamie the picture on my cell phone of me in the hat (see above) and told her that a gracious elderly gentleman took it for me...well...she was a touch mortified. A tip of the fedora to the gracious elderly gentleman that took the picture with my cell phone!

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