Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Ringin' In the New Year

To celebrate the advent of 2008, Jamie and I went with some friends to a bash at the Peabody in Memphis. For those of you who know me well, and those who don't me that well, you probably can figure out that dancing, carrying on, and such aren't my idea of a good time. Nonetheless when Jamie told me I needed to bring my dancing shoes, and plan on using them, I consented. She also suggested to me that one of my New Year's resolutions should be to "stop being a dork." And to that, I don't consent.

You see, it's not that I'm anti-dacing. I really do love dancing. I mean, if King David can wear a linen ephod and dance before God (see 2 Samuel 6:14 ), I figure I can bust a move at a New Year's Eve party. The problem is that I have no rhythm (my friend Julie Smith gave me some advice about how to dance, but if you want to know what that advice was, you'll need to pull me aside and ask me in private). So we danced. And everytime I felt myself becoming self conscious about my moves, I would simply look around and find somebody whose moves weren't nearly as impressive as mine (not hard to do when you're surrounded by approximately 4,000 people). But one time, I looked up and noticed this young, dancing lass sneaking a peak at me out of the corner of her eye. She had a rather inquisitive look on her face, as if she was thinking, "Does that boy need medical assistance? Surely those convulsions aren't dancing!" So I dialed it down a notch - didn't want to end up on YouTube like these poor folks!

Overall, the trip in its entirety was more fun than any human being should be allowed to have! Some high notes of our bonanaza, in no particular order:
  • Ringin' in 2008 in Memphis
  • Ringin' in 2008 at the Peabody
  • Seeing Sylvester Croom (he drives a pretty tight SUV)
  • Ringin' in 2008 with Jamie
  • Champaign "toast" at midnight (the champaign was terrible...a glass of warm saliva would have been more refreshing)
  • Getting to bed by 2 am (I get grouchy when I'm removed from my creature comforts)
  • Ringin' in 2008 with approximately 4,000 inebriated individuals. They were a lot of fun!
Two other things: One of my assignments before the trip was to learn the Souljah Boy dance. With the help of this instructional video, I did. But by the time the DJ played the song, I had thrown in the towel for the night. Sorry, Amanda.

Cowboy Mouth was one of the musical acts of the evening. The group's lead singer continually interrupted his own singing to give fervored speeches in an attempt to work the crowd into an orgasmic frenzy. It started to irritate me (after all, I was trying to dance), but he did make one statement that made me stop and think. The lead singer said for that moment in time, as we danced and carried on, that we needed to forget our worries and problems and just be thankful and celebrate that we were alive. Wow! How true! I'm guilty of dwelling on the negative in spite of the positive. Are you? The good Lord has blessed me with more than I can even wrap my mind around. May I do a better job of living like it! Happy 2008!

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