Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Mac vs. PC

It's a battle that's almost as fierce as SEC football rivalries in the South: Mac vs PC.

By no stretch of the imagination am I qualified to speak with authority on this topic. But I bring it up because this weekend was my first experience with a Mac (to be more specific, a MacBookPro). Lend me your ear, friend, because I must tell you: it was a handy machine.

Conquering the Mac interface wasn't bad at all. And when I was able to cleanse my mind from the PC brainwashing to which I've been subjected, I must say, my weekend Mac adventure was a cleaner and more intuitive computing experience. My Mac multimedia dealings were particularly efficient and pleasant. I had several "I'm about smash this piece of crap" moments, but I realized that I needed to stop trying to force the MacBook to behave as a Windows machine. After all, I wouldn't beat a dog for not purring like a cat. Silly me!

And let's not forget the Mac commercials...they're just too clever.

But what's the biggest incentive to switch to a Mac? Well, I'm gonna' let you in on a little secret. Mac users have an unorganized club/cult. You may not know this, but local Mac users get together about once a month and make fun of PC users (seriously, this happens). These clandestine meetings often consist of mocking Bill Gates, acting out Mac commercials, and creating PC computer viruses. And I've been told that if a local Mac chapter works really hard, they can get Steve Jobs to show up at one of their meetings and make cutting comments about Windows operating systems.

So let me end this post by making a definitive commitment. What's the cordon bleu of computers? Still don't know...

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