Friday, January 4, 2008

It's a Great Day at Raising Cane's

Between running several errands yesterday evening, Jamie and I ate at Raising Cane's. I sure wish I enjoyed my job as much as the employees of that establishment apparently enjoy their job.

When Jamie and I egressed through the front doors, three employees emphatically proclaimed, "Welcome to Raising Cane's." No qualms with that - I like to feel welcome. We then ordered and received our food. No qualms with that either. But then the antics became a touch comical.

Apparently, the atmosphere of the dining room wasn't electrifying enough for the Raising Cane's staff. To compensate for the palpable dearth of enthusiastic energy, the young lady behind the counter (let's call her Harriet) began to converse with various customers...over the in-house PA system...while remaining behind the counter. When Harriet asked Jamie and me how our food was (let me again remind you she did so using the in-house PA system), I worked very hard to suppress a smile and gave an affirmative nod.

At that point, the kitchen staff felt inclined to get in on the action. One of them (let's call him Bartholomew) took his turn with the mic. Bartholomew entertained the guests in the dining room by laying down a beat to the disco music that was already playing. I was anticipating an invitation to karaoke, but none came (I was a bit disappointed because I do a pretty mean version of this song). This tomfoolery (I've been anxiously awaiting a reason to use that word) continued for the remainder of our meal, to the chagrin of several other customers.

Truthfully, I was enjoying the charade until a distinguished elderly gentlemen entered the restaurant. A young lady cleaning tables (let's call her Carlotta) greeted the gentlemen with a boisterous, "Welcome to Raising Cane's." The problem was that Carlotta stood only two feet away from the gentleman when she spoke. It really took him by surprise and startled him, and I think it may have ruined his meal. I'm very sensitive, so it made me sad. I was inclined to walk over to him and say, "It's alright, sir. We all are a bit shaken right now," but that probably would have only added to the disaray and trauma.

Hey, if the folks at the Varsity can accost you (what'll you have, what'll you have), I guess the folks at Raising Cane's get my stamp of approval to do so as well. A tip of the fedora to the staff at Raising Cane's on County Line Road for creating a blog-worthy experience!

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