Monday, January 28, 2008

Happy Birthday, Lego!

Today, Google informed me that the Lego brick is fifty years old (the patented product, that is). Oh, the memories!

I spent many an hour as a young child playing with those simple blocks. What's so fascinating about interlocking plastic devices? I don't know, but I do say they are magical. I mean, you can find just about anything these days made out of Legos. One of my favorite Lego items is the little humans (they're called minifigures). I remember the time, as a younger lad, I engineered, built, and maintained a small Lego community. And Jonathan smashed it while I was asleep. If you see Jonathan around, ask him how he got the scar above his lip...

In exploring the world wide web about Lego, I came across this: Lego Serious Play. This outfit claims to unleash the untapped potential of your organization through Lego product. Do you have a deadbeat employee? You fool...don't discipline them...give them legos. Do you have repressed, deep seated emotional issues? Forget paying $100+/hour to a counselor...simply tap into the therapy that is the Lego brick. Lack confidence when meeting new people? Carry a Lego brick in your pocket and harness its fortifying power! Now that's what I call giving your brain (and soul) a hand!

And let's not forget, fine folks of Lego, the opportunities you have created for adults to shirk real life responsibilities: Exhibit A, Exhibit B, and Exhibit C. Yes!

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