Friday, January 25, 2008

Grandpappy's Cough Syrup

I was reading in Acts (the book of the Bible, that is) as I was doing some research about a topic in which I need to become well read (that topic must remain a mystery to you at this time). In my readings, I came across this passage of scripture. Before you go any farther (or is it further...I just looked it's further), go read this passage of's Acts can't ever read too much Bible. Seriously now, don't proceed ahead without reading it. I'll wait on you.

To many of you, the account of Pentecost is a familiar passage of scripture. But let me focus your attention to this verse. Something struck me as I read that verse and my observation caused me to laugh aloud - not because of what Peter said, but because of what he didn't say. Let's review.

Peter didn't say, "Don't accuse me of being drunk. We're followers of the Way. We don't drink." He didn't say, "Sorry, guys, we don't drink because we're Christians." Peter didn't say, "Drinking alcohol is a sin, and we don't do that." Nope. He said, "Hey guys, give us some credit. It's a little to early to be drunk...only 9 0'clock in the morning and all." Ha! Ha ha! Ha ha ha!

I have a feeling that Christ's disciples were a rather rough bunch of dudes, and this probably wasn't the first time they were accused of being drunk in public (I can't prove that, but I think you would agree with me that it's likely)!

Now don't stop me somewhere and try to debate me about if drinking alcohol is a sin...just not gonna' do it...wouldn't be prudent at this juncture. I've heard all the arguments about this...the wine Jesus made at the wedding in Cana was grape juice (like the stuff Southern Baptist use during the Lord's Supper)...drinking is only a sin if the drink is 9% + alcohol by volume...drinking is only a sin if you drink in front of immature Christians. Seriously, I've heard people bastardize scripture on this subject in every way possible. For now, I'll leave that discussion to the biblical scholars. But I will leave you with several Bible verses I've found about adult beverages. By no means is this an all inclusive list nor should it be considered a list of proof texts.

Proverbs 20:1
Proverbs 23:32
I Timothy 5:23
John 2:1-11

Now I'm not trying to start any revolutions...just thought Peter's response was humorous and worth noting. Cheers!

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