Saturday, January 5, 2008

Glittery Facial Hair: A Tame Rant

You know what grinds my gears? Conan and Letterman grow beards, and some people find it noteworthy. Maybe it is worth talking about, but a couple of months ago, I added a beard to my existing facial hair (a goatee with mustache). No accolades for me. And I'm at least as funny as Letterman. Bet you didn't know I was a trend-setter, did you? Inane Hollywood antics will not dictate how I live my life! Anybody know when The Office is set to come back on?

Christmas decorations caused strife for me this Christmas season. Specifically, taking them down. Jamie and I took down the decorations at her apartment before the new year. That process incited some friction between us. Seriously, there was crying and gnashing of teeth of biblical proportions. Like I tell people, Jamie and I don't argue...we just have intense moments of fellowship. And what person thought it was a good idea to invent glitter? Or at least cover Christmas decorations (aka Christmas trickentry) in glitter. I'm still finding those twinkling squares on my clothes! Grrrrrrrr! Other points of note:
  • I ate at the Subway in Clinton for lunch yesterday, and I used their online ordering option. It worked. I would encourage you to use it as well...that place is awfully crowded at lunch.
  • I got a haircut today. A touch too much off the bangs. I may write about my hair later.
  • And to bring this post full circle...did you know this group existed?


Andrew said...

I always thought the beard looked quite swell.

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Z71MAN97 said...

Intense moments of fellowship huh... They get better after marriage...

PS I saw u at Subway... It looked like you were having way too much fun.