Thursday, January 24, 2008

Congrats to Daniel and Sara

Last Saturday evening, Jamie and I and a couple of other friends traveled down to the economic and social metropolis that is Petal, MS. The occasion? The surprise engagement of Mr. Daniel Goodwin to Ms. Sara Dixon.

Daniel earned the distinction of being my roommate during my last year at MC. He also earned some other distinctions, but we can't talk about those until the statute of limitations expires.

So let me let you in on the plan. Daniel's proposal was a secret one. Sara was under the auspices that she was simply attending a party, and was none the wiser. You see, Sara thought Daniel simply desired to throw a lovely party, a meet and greet if you will, for friends and family (you know what a socialite Danny boy is...).

After meeting and greeting and eating and a dance, yes a dance, Daniel popped the question and Sara accepted. All was well with the world.

After the betrothal request and acceptance, friends and family were called upon to speak highly of Daniel and Sara (much harder to do so for Daniel than Sara). For some reason, a reason which everybody now regrets, several folks immediately looked to me to speak. I was a bit stunned and taken aback. I hadn't really prepared anything to say. And those of you who know me know that public speaking isn't my forte. I initially protested, but the expectations for me to share my thoughts on Daniel were too high. The need had arisen for Daniel's praises to be sung, and well, I needed to sing that solo.

I've actually read some books on public speaking, and I was doing my best to recall some of the tips I'd learned. But I was drawing a blank on the proper manner to begin a speech. So I just let 'er rip. The opening line of my speech: "I am without a doubt the coolest guy that Daniel Goodwin knows. Wait, that didn't come out right..."

During the laughter and cackling that followed, I realized I had just really blown it. I mean, I could have said something earth shattering...I could have spoken words that turned the world on its ear...I could have delivered insight...spoken the wisdom of the ages. The only thing my speech needed was a great opener, and it was smooth sailing from there. I had a captive audience, but I blew it. I transpose a couple of key words and everybody writes me off. No more talking for me ever!

Nonetheless, a tip of the fedora to Daniel and Sara! I'm excited. You know, Daniel, it was could have done this.

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Daniel said...

I must say, it is to my shame that I haven't yet commented on your blog. Sorry about that. It was only because I worried I might unwittingly leave some platitudinous comment that wouldn't do justice to the fordretort.

To the point: You're doing a great job. I'm inspired every time I get on to read your blog (or it might just be gas...whatever). I'm glad you have Jamie to keep you from going off the deep end. Sarah says hi.

btw, how about Obama in SC?