Saturday, January 26, 2008


I had occasion to be at the local BMW dealership last week. When I parked my vehicle, I came across this sign. And I snapped a picture of it on my cell phone.

Tonight, Jamie saw the picture on my cell phone and noted it was amusing. I told her I thought so too...and that I planned on getting one like it she could wear around her neck.

After muttering something about me being a perfect idiot and something about how, after she slapped my head off, she could get a lot of money for my brain since it would be basically brand new because I never used it, she then told me, "You know, most people live and learn. You just live."

She really wasn't that mean until we got together. I guess I have nobody to blame but myself.

1 comment:

Jamie Baker Ford said...

I will make you a deal...I will wear a sign around my neck only if you buy me a new BMW...sounds fair to me!