Friday, January 11, 2008

Birthday Cornucopia

Yesterday morning, Jamie and I met with our financial planner, Cletus (names have been changed to protect the innocent). Our purpose was to arrange several investments.

Cletus and I had met several times prior to yesterday to devise a plan and analyze the equilibrium of normal supply and demand (in relation to the Chilean economy, that is), so yesterday's meeting was the first time Jamie met Cletus. For Jamie's benefit, Cletus was giving us an overview of everything we were about to do. As he was talking, I noticed Jamie was more interested in the LSU paraphernalia hanging on his wall than the words that were coming out of his mouth. Cletus had to leave the office for a moment to grab some paperwork, and when he did, I inquired of Jamie, "So what do you think about Cletus?" Jamie's reply to me? "Oh, I like him. He's cute." arrrrrrhhggggghhh uhhhh hum hummm hum snaukernuissen agrhh um hum (sorry, that was me clearing my throat to mask what I was typing). Jamie is without a doubt the love of my life. She keeps me on track and helps me maintain my focus. But, it looks like I'll be managing our finances....alone. Other points of note:
  • Tomorrow is my birthday. Unless something comes up that you need to know about, I'll be taking the weekend off from the blogosphere. But never fear! Your daily dose of reason will return next Monday.
  • Here is a link to "famous" people that share my birthday. Several of note: Rush Limbaugh, Rob Zombie, Tom Dempsey (NFL record holder, longest field goal of 63 yards), Jean Baptiste van Helmont (Belgian chemist), and Marion Jones.
  • I ate lunch today with all around good guy Neil Tullos. You may be seeing more of him on this site soon, yes, very soon.
  • In my opinion, last evening's Fox News Republican debate had no decisive winner. If I had to pick a winner, I would choose my main man Fred Thompson. Anybody notice the bias Fox News has against Ron Paul and Fred? I will remind you again...this race is a long way from over. And for your pleasure:
Human Events Endorses Fred
The Real McCain Record

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brittany said...

Haha..."Oh, He's cute" good answer Jamie! That's hilarious! She the way, Happy Birthday Michael!