Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Becoming The Millionaire Next Door While at Brookshire's

Last year, I had the opportunity to read The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas Stanley and William Danko. Although a rather dry read (but far from intolerable), the content of the text conveys facts that most of us wouldn't suspect: the characteristics of millionaires aren't what we suppose them to be. Here's the first chapter of the book. Do take the time to read it! It's particularly timely as the drive-by media is sounding "the world is coming to and end, the market is about to crash, banks are screwing people" death knoll. So...

Jamie and I went to this grocery store the other day because they were running a special: 10 2 liter cokes for $10. Yes! So we be bopped up in the store and grabbed a buggy. But when we arrived at the display, we discovered the caveat: limit 10 bottles per customer. Arghhhh! So what's a frugal guy to do? Glad you asked.

Jamie and I split. We divorced (for the purposes of acquiring the cokes, that is). Jamie loaded up her 10 diet cokes in the already present buggy, and I went and retrieved another buggy and loaded up 10 cokes myself. And we just dared anybody to tell us we were "one customer together." We were prepared to voraciously deny it - and would do so to the death.

We checked out, separately, basking in our cleverness as we chuckled to ourselves. As I unloaded my cokes in the check out line, the young male cashier looked at me and said, "Sir, you and your wife didn't have to check out seperately. We would have let you buy 20 cokes." My response, "I hate to inform you of your hilarious blunder, but the young lady to which you refer is not my wife." The remainder of the transaction was finished in silence and without eye contact.

Now technically, I'm right - Jamie isn't my wife. But our guise didn't' really work. I told the story to Jamie after we left the grocery store parking lot. I told her how poor my soul and pocket book felt as I had to deceive some young pip squeak at Brookshire's just to save a buck. And Jamie replied to me, "Don't feel poor, honey. We think how rich people think." Ahhhhhhhh.

A tip of the fedora to Jamie. I don't think she's read The Millionaire Next Door, but she has picked up it's theme.

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Jamie Baker Ford said...

i have picked up the theme only because i have been violently forced to do so!