Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bad Weather

Here in Clinton, we've had some inclement weather this afternoon. I heard the "weather bell" ring at the elementary school across the street from my office. Watching the little kids scurry inside, I presume to the middle of the building, reminded me of how I was raised to feel about bad weather.

As a child, I had friends and acquaintances who would tell me stories of how they would spend hours in a bathroom in the center of their house every time dark clouds appeared. Well, I wasn't raised to respect bad weather. I just wasn't (and I'm not saying that's a good thing). Mom and Dad never freaked out, even in the worst of storms. Even seeing demolished houses on the news when a tornado wreaked havoc on a community does nothing to scare me. (sorry...I know it's bad...I just couldn't resist). In fact, Jonathan and I always saw bad weather as an entertainment opportunity.

I've always had a bad feeling that the good Lord may instill this respect in me the hard way. Ever had that feeling?

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